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lions leaders

Our club is led by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors, who apply the club's Constitution and Bylaws and are responsible to the general membership. Lions administrators and coaches volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to help our players learn and love volleyball!

Michelyn Bilancia

Michelyn and her husband have coached and managed many sports teams over the past two decades. She is a Professional Medical Coach who enjoys helping individuals, teams, and groups emphasize their strengths while exploring challenges and creating positive steps to lasting achievements. She handles gym rentals, some banking, correspondence, and general trouble-shooting for the Lions. 

Chantel Hessels

Chantel was a standout player and captain on the Lady Royals varsity team. She has also served as the Assistant Coach for the Royals, where she was selected for the CCAA's Female Apprentice Coach Program. She handles OVA registration, insurance matters, and more for the Lions.

Leanne Kuizenga
Youth Programs Director

Coach Leanne has been involved in organizing and leading the Lions SPIKES and Lions League programs for years. She played varsity volleyball at Redeemer University College and continues to be an active volleyball player. She is also the Treasurer of the Lions VC board.

Justin Cook
14UG Coach

Coach Justin has coached many years of high school volleyball and looks forward to working with the 13UG team again this year!

Leah Siebenga
13UG Attack Assistant Coach

Leah had been playing volleyball with the Ancaster Lions for 4 years. She has experience coaching from last year, and looks forward to working with the 13UG team again this year.

Trisha Brouwer
14UB Fury Head Coach

Coach Trisha has a degree in phys ed and has coached youth volleyball off and on over the last 20 years.
She played high school and also college level volleyball at Redeemer University College and continues to be an active volleyball player. More recently, she had helped coach many different Lions teams at the 13, 14, and 15U age levels.  With an emphasis on skill development and a strong mental game, she looks forward to coaching 14U boys in very fun and active season!

Brent Vanderkruk
14UB Fury Assistant Coach
Brent Vanderkruk.jpg
Deb Wiebenga
14UG Pride Head Coach

Coach Deb has been involved in sports for many years as an athlete, phys. ed. teacher, Athletic Director and coach.  She has experience in coaching basketball, baseball, track and field and volleyball, including Lions 12UG.  She is looking forward to working with the 14UG team and sharing her skills and enthusiasm for volleyball with them!

Deb Wiebenga.jpg
Clay Bryant
14UG Pride Assistant Coach

Coach Clay was a 5 year high school player who went on to play 2 years of varsity volleyball at Mohawk College of the OCAA. He has experience in coaching both boys and girls basketball and volleyball. This is his first year coaching with the Ancaster Lions Volleyball Club, and can’t wait to help the 14U girls develop their skills and love the game of volleyball.

Coach Clay_edited.jpg
Ed Bosveld
15UB RISE Head Coach

Coach Ed has many seasons of experience in coaching elementary, high school, and club teams. He is a certified Advanced Development indoor coach and a trained Advanced Development beach coach. He has coached all ages of boys and girls rep teams with the Chatham Ballhawks and Ancaster Lions. Ed is also a certified volleyball official. He looks forward to working with 15UB RISE to elevate their game!

Trevor Vandermeer
15UB RISE Assistant Coach

Coach Trevor was a key member of the very first Lions' 15UB team, and was also an outstanding high school player. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and passion for volleyball with this year's 15U boys.

Trevor Headshot.jpg
Joel Brouwer
15UB RISE Assistant Coach

Coach Joel was an outstanding high school player who went on to join the Redeemer Royals of the OCAA. He is excited to be part of the coaching team for Lions RISE and is looking forward to a great season.

Joel Brouwer.jpg
Brad Heidbuurt
15UB Pounce Head Coach

Coach Brad has previously coached 13UG, 14UG, and 15UG teams. As a phys ed teacher and Athletic Director, he has helped hundreds of students to become better athletes. Coach Brad played high school and college volleyball and has coached both club and high school teams.

Josh Powell
15UB Pounce Assistant Coach

Coach Josh was a member of the very first Lions 15UB squad, as well as a talented high school player. He looks forward to working with the 15U boys!

Josh Powell_edited.jpg
Jake Leslie
18UB Kings Head Coach
Mike Commerford
18UB Kings Assistant Coach
Brooke Kinnard
18UB Kings Assistant Coach
Kevin Bouwers
15UG Rampage Head Coach

Coach Kevin has a degree in phys ed and has coached youth volleyball for 15 years, including last year's 14UG Lions squad. His emphasis on skill development and the building of a strong technical foundation has helped his players achieve success at higher levels of volleyball.

Erin DeHaan
15UG Rampage Assistant Coach

Coach Erin is a teacher who has coached elementary school volleyball for 5 years now. She was a player in high school and continues to be an active volleyball player. This year, she looks forward to helping the 15U girls develop their skills and learn to love the game. 

Erin Dehaan.jpg
Rich Melski
16UG Safari Head Coach

Coach Rich is an experienced teacher who has coached both high school and rep volleyball teams. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with the 16U Lady Lions!

Rich Melski_edited.jpg
16UG Assistant Coach
Dan Bilancia
17UG Inferno Head Coach

Dan has been involved in sports teams most of his life. For at least the last 20 years he has not only continued to play many sports at a competitive level but he has also coached and officiated. Last season Dan assisted with the 16UG team. He believes that athletes should understand and respect the sport, improve one’s abilities and enjoy the experience. 

Rebecca Powell
17UG Inferno Assistant Coach

Coach Rebecca played years of rep volleyball, including with the 17UG Lions, and went on to play for two years at Mohawk College. This is her first year of coaching, and she looks forward to sharing the skills and knowledge she learned as a player. 

Rebecca Powell.jpg
Melanie Bartels
18UG Blaze Head Coach

Coach Melanie was a varsity player with the Redeemer Royals and continues to be an active player. She has coached youth fastball and volleyball teams, including the Lions' 15UG, 16UG, and 17UG teams. She is passionate about coaching teens on positive self-talk and leadership skills.

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